Economic Enviro Techs Inc. take care of the mold in attics, in basements, in drywall, on plaster, on wood, on siding, on roofs, and anywhere mold grows.


We use foaming and fogging methods and protocols to not only destroy the mold and airborne contaminants, but literally extract even the roots of the mold out of wood surfaces. This includes furniture, trim, carpet, soft fabrics and virtually all materials. Virtually all of the remediation and removal of mold/mildew can be accomplished in one day. We also provide full restoration services for those who want or need it, from drywall replacement and finishing, painting, gutters, roof repair to a host of others. 

First – stay calm, and be assured it will not cost nearly as much as you think. We offer the most effective service at a fraction of what others charge. Second – with a free inspection and free quote–we will determine what the problem is and the cost to take care of it. Then, we will employ our procedures using fog or foam solutions that will kill 99.9999969% of all mold, mold spores, and mycotoxins, (laboratory tested and independently verified).


At the same time, bacterial, viral, and chemical contaminants will also be destroyed.

Mold Remediation

Mold in Attic Removal Massachusetts
Mold Remediation Services Fitchburg Massachusetts

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Water Mitigation and Rapid Structural Drying

Mold Remediation Services

"Puffback" Clean Up


We serve the state of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. If you need a quote on services, today!   We are committed to your needs.




What is a puff back?


A puff back is an explosion or back fire of an oil fired heating system that disperses soot and debris throughout the residence. The cleaning process is very specialized and should only be administered by a professional Restoration Service Company.

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Call Now: 978-348-1118

Asbestos, Mold & Environmental Cleanup Professionals